Right to Be was inspired by the work of Dr Don Beck, called Spiral Dynamics, that was based on and has evolved from the Value Systems model of the late Dr Clare W Graves.

Similar in some respects, but going beyond, Maslow’s heirarchy of needs Spiral Dynamics provides a map of human value systems and their relationship with the life conditions that we each and collectively find our selves in.  With a deep understanding of these values and relationships the model provides insights into the human condition and human behaviour.  Using this knowledge we can adjust our life circumstances to allow us to grow to our full potential.

Don has successfully applied techniques derived from this model in many parts of the world to faciltate social rebuilding and growth.  His work includes time spent in South Africa helping with the dismantling of apartite and more currently in the Middle East.

Some might say that Britain is arguably the most complex and multi valued society in the world.  This complexity offers greater challenges but also a potential growth that is perhaps not yet realisable anywhere else in the world.

Based on his observations, in 1974, Clare Graves wrote that “human nature prepares for a momentous leap”.  Now in the 21st century, Don Beck believes that now is the time for that leap.  Moreover he believes that that leap may begin in the UK.


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